A Tale Dark & Grimm series by Adam Gidwitz

7825557 I read the book A Tale Dark & Grimm many years ago and loved it. Again, I love anything to do with fairy tales. I recently found out that the book was not stand-alone, but actually the first in a trilogy. Of course I had to quickly reread the first one and then I zoomed through the last two.

The first book, A Tale Dark & Grimm follows Hansel and Gretel as they walk through many other fairy tales from the Grimm Brothers. The second, In a Glass Grimmly, follows Jack and Jill as they again wander through the vast world of fairy tales. In the final book, A Grimm Conclusion, Jorinda and Joringel again wander from fairy tale to fairy tale.

I loved all three books. What I appreciated most about each book was the way the narrator interacts with the reader, as if he is right there telling the story. I think this gets at the importance of fairy tales, that they are stories to be told and shared and oh, yes, as the narrator constantly reminds us, they are gruesome too. I also like the way the author takes inspiration from fairy tales and other legends and creates a new story. And makes connections between the books, such as with the crows and the interactions with hell and the dvil. I think this is in line with fairy tales coming from an oral tradition and by creating these new stories, the author is definitely in line with the oral tradition. I also like his addition at the end where he writes about sharing these stories with his classes.

I like so much about these books, but the last thing I want do add is the message in each book that the children learn. I won’t reveal too much, but many of the messages boil down to family and love and being honorable and doing the right thing.

These are perfect books to see fairy tales in a new light and I’m just sad there are only three books.